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HOW TO BLOWDRY HAIR STRAIGHT | Step by Step | Vithya Hair and Makeup


A step by Step guide to how to blow dry your hair straight
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  1. Hi.. jus love ur videos..i badly wanted to know saloon style blow dry n here it is😍..can u please tell me where to buy in those rollers u are using..couldnt find it in amazon

  2. So lame. I kept waiting for the laughs to come. None arrived. Alex spoofs himself better than you guys. No one is going to watch this.

  3. This is SO lame and dumb it hurts….While I do listen to Infowars, I appreciate a good Alex Jones copycat joke….but THIS is SO bad. I have no idea how anyone can think this lame hair thing is funny. That dude doesn't act well at all.

  4. HaHa, This show just proves the legitimacy of Alex Jones. Why attack him if he's not. This attempt to delegitimize Alex Jones and Info Wars is actually a slap in the face and blatant degradation to the left and those that are severely misinformed. This Attack on Alex Jones and Info Wars shows people take pleasure in attacking others and would rather watch mindless garbage than try to learn anything. This is an assault on the intelligence of those who would enjoy this, and an attempt to keep you misinformed, dumbed down, and in the dark, so sad. Wake up people Alex Jones and Info Wars are trying to show you what's behind the curtain of lies.

  5. This is fucking great and the actor did a top job but compared to Alex this actor looks way too dignified. Even with the sweat patches he is still not as funny to look at as Alex's glistening overgrown baby face.

    Just another example of the difficulty in parodying a reality that already beyond parody. This concludes my non-ironic comment on a ClickHole video.