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Connor Murphy Trains at Planet Fitness


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Rack Pulls: 5 sets 5-8 reps
Lat Pull Downs: 5 sets 8-10 reps
Cable Rows: 5 sets 8-10 reps
Machine Pull Downs: 3 sets plus drop set 8-12 reps
Machine Row: 3 sets plus drop set 8-12 reps

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My Morning Routine to LOSE WEIGHT! Fitness Vlog #12

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  1. it looks cringey as fuck, but the amount of work hes put into getting a body like that makes it worth it. Im currently working on my body and if/when I get into shape like I will never walk around with a shirt. I'd be shirtless 99% of the time.

  2. what a fucking douchebag!!!!! Just shows off like a cunt!! Many people have better bodies than him but they don't go around showing it off whenever the fuck!!! there's a fucking time and place and situation to show off!!! And this is fucking cringey too!!

  3. If u ever did in front of my girl i would of beat ur ass n u think u the shit just bc u have a body my nigga some nigga with n without a body would beat ur fagget ass

  4. Yo um. I go to planet fitness and it's not a hunk hater and I don't go there because I hate the gym. If I hated the gym I wouldn't go.

  5. This isn't funny. Funny would be going into Planet Fitness, snort a big fat rail of coke, then go hit the punching bag really crazy yelling " COME ON MOTHA FUCKA, IM DA CHAMP!! GET SOME – MOTHER FUCKER"!!!

  6. Kristee! I blend maca powder in my morning smoothies every day, and personally I think it blends really well and you can't taste it at all. Just thought I would throw that out there just incase you were looking at other different ways to include it in your eating lifestyle!

  7. Fish oil is not necessary to your diet whatsoever, however, if you do choose to take one KRILL OIL is the highest in omega 3s. You seem to eat salmon and other fish pretty regularly so it's not something you need. Be sure to put your fish oil tablets in the fridge, it keeps them fresh and helps take away the smell 🙂

  8. Hi 🙂 I have eczema too, so I really want to know how the black seed oil works for you! I have yet to find anything that really works at keeping my skin (mostly on my hands) moisturized and calm any flare ups that I get.

  9. I just got the bye bye under eye… it seems sticky and looks thick on my face. Any suggestions on how to apply to not make it cakey?

  10. My dad would always put Gogi berries in hot tea, they have a earthly taste and it compliments the tea! Also the hot water softens them a bit so you could just swallow them not chew… 😜

  11. I like to put goji berries on my smoothie bowls!! Just make a fresh fruit smoothie, pour it into a bowl and then top with the goji berries, blue berries and honey! It's sooooo good!

  12. I love ❤️ watching ur video on YouTube and I love ❤️ the way u editor ur video on YouTube and u make amazing video on YouTube