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Pet Rat Care


Learn the basic care tips for your new pet rats.

Learn how to feed your rat by never buying packaged rat food.
Pet Rat Diet video https://youtu.be/-pFQt3SFgX0

Learn how to make home made toys for your rats! http://www.mjhappytails.com/blog/diy-rat-toys

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  1. My mom does not like rats we have ferrets there even harder than rats I think it's cause she thinks they have diseases but I tell her all are pets can have sicknesses but she does not care how do I prove to her they are good pets

  2. Rats are only discredited and misunderstood they get their bad reputation through the fact that they had spread disease i dont deny it but that doesent mean all rats are bad, gross ect

  3. god bless u beautiful girl..tx soo much for all this wonderful info..i hope u live 200 years dear…all animals are good souls. we're committing genocide and the most horrible things to many animals

  4. I'm curious; I've owned rats for a year and a half now and I've never heard anything about them not being able to eat red meat until I stumbled across video. How come? I commonly let my rats eat bits of the food I'm eating(if it's not on the list of not-allowed food I've seen) and red meat has been in their diet because of it,,

  5. I'm probably never going to own rats again because it's so hard. The fact that their health can just go downhill so fast and their lives are so short breaks my heart </3

  6. The most expensive thing is not the cage. It's the hundreds of dollars in vet bills you will spend when your rat gets sick. If you cant afford vet bills then dont get a pet.