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Old Style Cordless Phones Vs. New DECT Phones


The benefits of a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology) phone make it an easy decision choosing one over a standard, cordless telephone. Cordless phones provide users with the ability of moving around; one is not held to one room or one area because of the wire attached to the phone.

New types of cordless phones, such as DECT phones offer new features and more clean communications than that of older cordless phones. DECT phones are basically the new technology of cordless phones.

DECT phones are now the norm in homes that are subscribing to standard land line telephone service. Nowadays, these cordless phones offer other functions; for example the DECT has a base station, similar to all cordless phones. Though, DECT phones provide interfaces to other DECT phones in the household. With these phones, one can add on separate, wireless phones to the base. Furthermore, other DECT phones can be placed around the home and can serve as an intercom system in the home using DECT phones – similar to how a walkie talkie operates. Also, the range with DECT phones has increased over the years to allow users to travel further distances while they use their DECT phones. These new phones use a different frequency that adds clarity to the calls and eliminates static. The cause of improved communications is the higher band frequency that is very reliable and not able to get interference from other things that use radio frequencies like baby monitors or wireless PC networks.

Cordless phones are rather cheap these days because of more cellphone users. Howeverwith the many uses of DECT phones, cordless phone sales are insignificant. DECT phones come in amazing designs such as digital displays and many more uses and capabilities than other telephony options. DECT phonessometimes provide access to email, a very crisp sound, and robust video capabilities. In addition, DECT phones can provide up to 24 hours of actual conversation on one battery charge. Other cordless phones can only last about 5 hours DECT phones come with many voice mail and messaging features that make it the perfect phone for all communications. DECT phones can also be used for business telephony service and can be installed over an already existing computer and telephony system.

The combination of features and functionality make a DECT phone a better choice than cordless phones. As time goes by, DECT phone functionality gets built upon to include other features. Nowadays, there are several brands of DECT phones, and as a result, there is a large difference in price. The price is determined by the design, and different functions and capabilities of the DECT phone. As always, the more well-known brands are more expensive. Also, price varies bythe type of DECT phone. As aforementioned, there are DECT phones available for corporate sized telecommunication needs; these DECT phones are added features and ability of the system.

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