How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth


    When was the last time you brushed your cat’s teeth? … The thought of brushing your cat’s teeth probably hasn’t even crossed your mind, but just like us humans, cats also require dental care to stay healthy. If you take things slowly, give them lots of praise and try and make it a positive experience, with time brushing your cat’s teeth will become easier.

    You may be reading this and thinking “my cat would never let me do this!” But like I said anything is better than nothing and with patience you can get into a routine… This will help prevent dental disease and add years to your cat’s life! *Purrlease take your cat/s for a check up and consult your vet before starting any dental care routine, GOOD LUCK 🙂

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    1. Great video. I've been looking for the cat toothpaste but I can't find it anywhere, people tell me it doesn't even exit. Can someone tell me how can I get it.

    2. Do we just brush the teeth with water? We don't have toothpaste for cats. I use a toothbrush for toddlers. And I don't brush my cat's teeth every day, I brush them like 1 or 2 times a week. Does that cause any problems?

    3. You are an idiot …. You are doing a propaganda n trying to sell useless cat products …. For God sake they are cats , try n differentiate… They know how to survive in the wild without brushing there teeth … Leave them alone n stop doing this propaganda …. You are making money from the videos n already using them as a bait … Keep it simple don't try n do stupid things n misguide people … Find a job dude …A definition of a happy cat is one which stays in his/her natural environment , who are allowed to go out without a leash n are free to eat/play/sleep/hunt when they like… You have caged these cats n made them completely dependent on your stupid philosophies … They are not at all happy my friend , they are not cats , they are just your money making pets…

    4. WARNING: Do NOT EVER use baking soda on a cat for toothpaste. Despite what the ASPCA says, baking soda is TOXIC to cats! Make sure to check for baking soda in the ingredients and DO NOT BUY IT IF YOU FIND SOME!!!!!

    5. Here is the story about how I got my cat: we originally lived in an apartment, when we moved into a new house there were 4-5-6 stray and farrel cats. According to the next door neighbor 1-2 cats originally lived in the new house we bought with other humans who were a little cruel to the cats. And when the people before us moved out, they left their cats behind. I'm guessing the humans never got the boy cat fixed so the boy cat and the girl cat had many kittens. The boy cat one day kept coming into our house and eventually we got him a litter box and a collar and all the other things cats need. Soon after we named the cat Oberon and got him a tag for his collar. At first he hated our pet dog we had long long long before him, but as he started to settle in he got more and more used to our dog and now they are bff's. 🙂 I love Oberon to the core of my heart and we and him are so lucky to have moved into that house. 😀

    6. That's because of their diet… I use to give dry food to my cat and her teeth got sooo yellow. I started raw and her teeth got white right away. Still I take her to vet checkups and her gums are always nice and clean. But I do not need to "brush" her teeth, the raw diet naturally cleans them.