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Why You Should go on a Wine Tours DC


You know what a Wine Tour DC is, right? That experience that is like speed dating with the whole wine development process? It’s awesome. You experience wine right from when it’s in the field as grapes through the winery right into your body, where it is ultimately supposed to end up. It is the easiest way to aspire to being a connoisseur, unless you were born into a family of them. Here are some of the reasons why you really should consider taking one of the wine trips the next time you have a free weekend.

The first reason is not even for the wine; it is the scenery. Winery Tours near DC take you through the fields or valleys where the grapes grow and they are breathtakingly scenic. There are sprawling acres and acres of lush greenery as far as the eye can see. It looks like a warm blanket that you simply want to lie on, take photos and never get off. I would do my wedding photo shoot in one, if I wasn’t married already. That’s how good it is.

Second is the dining experience. If you get the right operator to take you on the tour, you can get a package that is a steal for the experience and multiple course, sophisticated gourmet meals in the fields. You enjoy fine dining with the best wine combinations. You see where I’m going with this? Yes, it is an ideal date activity.

You get to learn about the wine making process and enjoy wine tasting sessions to boot. It would not be a wine tour if it were not all about wine and it is. You learn the various that wine goes through as it develops from being grapes to being processed and aged. At this stage you can ask as many questions as you have about the process and while you might not leave a connoisseur, you are enlightened. You get to taste wines of different vintages and learn from a connoisseur how to tell apart wines by their taste and bouquets. Remember that wine tasting is a full on activity on its own.

Honestly that is not all there is to wine tasting, just the highlights. The best part is enjoying the process yourself.

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