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Excite Your Taste Buds With Desserts From Spain & Mexico


In tropical areas where the weather can reach extreme temperatures, the meals may be lighter and served later in the evening. This means that a lighter dessert is also in order in many cases. While there are some heavier desserts, they are less traditional in climates such as Mexico and Spain than they may be in climates which are less affected by heat and humidity.

Flan is one of the most popular summertime desserts consumed in the Mexican culture. It consists of a rich, thick orange custard topped with sweet, caramelized and a bit on the crunchy side. The topping and custard blend beautifully and often remind people of crme brulee. It is hard for someone not accustomed to cooking Mexican food to make flan since the recipes end to be passed down in families and are well guarded by most families.

You will find more spices and fruity flavors when testing out Spanish desserts. The Spanish have a variety of delicious treats unique to their culture. One of these are:

Ice cream placed into a deep fried pastry bowl then covered with spicy pear sauce and a nice dose of cinnamon. Truly delicious and truly genuine to the Spanish palette.

Another of the Spanish desserts that is a hit nearly everywhere is known as profiteroles.

Profiteroles are small bites of baked goodness made from a mixture of eggs, butter, flour and a variety of other ingredients, especially chocolate. The dough bites are filled with ice cream or heavy custard made with heavy cream. Drizzle them with chocolate and you have one of the most delicious Spanish desserts ever known. They tend to be on the spicy side which is what defines them as ultimately Spanish.

Summertime desserts are typically lighter and fluffier because the heat in many summertime climates really precludes wanting a heavy dessert after a meal that will usually take place in the late evening. Even in the desert southwest of the United States, dessert is the favored part of the meal, but many desserts are those which are made of fruits and cream or fruit laden cakes. One of the most popular desserts in the southwestern portions of the US, areas such as Las Vegas and Arizona include a very light cake such as angel food or sponge cake that is made with an indentation in the top of the cake. The cake is then filled with kiwi fruit, raspberries, blueberries and quite often strawberries which have been cleaned and halved. Over the top a light custard sauce is used, or if not, a very light whipped topping is offered.

Heat precludes wanting a great deal of heaviness from either a meal or a dessert so you will find that many of the desserts in these areas tend to be far less filling and as a general rule will have far less calories than the desserts that you find elsewhere it the world.

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