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Chris Powell Level 1 Beginners Workout | 15 Minute Exercise Routine


http://healthynewlife.net – Chris Powell takes you through a great exercise routine that can be done by people at any fitness level. This is great for beginners to get back in to shape and also a great addition to the Chris Powell 12-Week Bode Challenge. Join the challenge at http://healthynewlife.net/12-week
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  1. Thank you whoever posted this. I have been doing these exercises for a week.. I already notice a difference in myself.

  2. Im almost obese and for the longest time I would attempt to workout and not continue with it bcoz it was tough and demotivating because I coudnt complete most of the work out videos out there. Today is my first time following this routine and i feel so satisfied that I could complete it.

  3. I'm just over 300 pounds… but I'm glad I pushed myself to do this. I am sweating but feeling good! I'm gonna try and do this until it isn't a challenge… that's what you're meant to do, right?

  4. Thank you for this beginners workout! I'm currently 250-something pounds (with a bmi of 41) and this is the perfect exercise for me. First I started with sit down exercises and now I'm able to do this! I like to take advantage of the chrome cast on my television and do this downstairs in the afternoon 🙂

  5. I just had gastric bypass surgery. I'm 7 weeks out and have lost a total of 42 pounds. So I started this exercise and love it the only problem I'm having is the exercise of getting up and down because my knees are bad but Mr Powell is making it okay I'll do this exercise and change to level 2 next week. Thank you Mr. Chris Powell.

  6. this is awesome. I haven't done it yet lol, I did some basic exercises that I know off the top of my head but couldn't complete a sit up properly with how out of shape I am. I think I way over 240 and I absolutely hate myself and hate pictures being taken of me. I hate my wedding photos because of how over weight I am. but I'm tired of hating myself and its time to change it. I'm sure if you guys can do it, then I can.

  7. I'm in no way overweight, but being mostly housebound for 3 years and completely housebound for over 1 (agoraphobia) has made me completely unfit. I can't walk up my stairs without needing a break when once I used to walk miles to and from school every day. This is the BEST beginners workout I've ever come across. I struggled like mad, not going to lie, but I got through it all and it felt like an instant achievement, where the other 'beginner' videos are too difficult to get through so I had to miss parts out which made me feel like a complete failure. Not being able to complete a video supposedly for absolute beginners makes your motivation go out the window, but this video doesn't make you feel like that. THANK YOU.

  8. im currently 16 years old weighing 190 pounds i would like to just remove some of the fat i have, i know some is natural but i have an excess i need to remove.

  9. I really wish from the depth of my heart that I could work with Chris Powell & do all the miracles as he is doing with obesity suffering people. I can understand what pain it is to be overweight.I wish I could be proffestionly practice this weight loss programs as Chris is doing .so good in thinking about a obesity free world.