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7 Desserts Around The World


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Nana De Boulonge
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  1. The fried stuffed plantain is actually a Salvadorian recipe, we stuff it with milk custard or refried black beans. I really don't see how its Brazilian in my opinion.

  2. eu sou do Brasil e eu adorei a receita que fizeram aqui só Brasil bolinho de banana recheado com doce de leite

  3. "What dessert we do about Brazil?"
    "Oh, they have bananas, right?"
    "Yeah, they have, why?"
    "Let's mix banana with dulce de leche in a ball and fry. After all, they are from South America, they love dulce de leche!"

    Caralho borracha, ninguém aqui gosta de doce de banana não, a gente gosta de brigadeiro grr >:(

  4. Absinthe can cause ya to go mad sir!
    Nah, that's a load of shite!
    I wanna try to get you guys some Jack Daniel's Single Barrel BARREL PROOF.
    Barrel Proof is bottled straight from the barrel at
    anywhere from 125 to 140-proof (62.5 to 70% by vol). All bottles are not the same
    Are ya having that?

  5. Holy hell! You guys are MAD when that Absinthe finally kicked in!

    Levi got both MORE Irish and somehow American Southern!

  6. I am amazed you filmed a second video while intoxicated. It must have been the absinthe's secondaries that got John's gun to fire right at the end.

  7. One night when I was drunk, I built stairs into the basement from my apartment…granted, the people in the apartment below mine weren't very happy about it. Whining, "This is our apartment!" While I'm screaming, 'GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY BASEMENT, YOU CITY SPLITCHES!!!!"

  8. heres a fact for ya, in the old days u werent allowed to leave your post until relieved and if u did during wartime u could be shot for being a deserter. and yes the reserves go also sometimes. they usually use em in the rear with the gear. but sometimes u have them with boots on the ground and in the air. i have 2 cousins in reserves. my father was in the navy during vietnam his brothers were in the army also during vietnam. 1 grandpa and 1 great grandpa fought in ww2, 2 great uncles in ww2 and 1 in korea so yeah alot of military history in my family.

  9. Johnny BS just got away with making fun of Levi's loose asshole. That is so sexist; no one ever makes fun of his loose asshole because he's a boy.

  10. The card game is a ripoff of Cards Against Humanity, but that's OK, LOL!
    I'd say once a month Y'all need to have the Thursday Absinthe show, LOL!

  11. My favorite time of day.. everyone is asleep and I have peace and quiet, well besides you lol, great ending to the long day. I'm havin that!

  12. ''Twas "Genius" to have this for breakfast this mornin. Got ta laughin so hard, a bit o me meal came out my nose.