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Average Family By Day, High Rollers By Night. This Family Of 5 Did The Unexpected…


This Family of Gamblers Made a Living Off The Casinos!

Gambling is a hobby where it is always chance based. If gambling was all about chance, how is it possible to make a living off of it? If Casinos are able to operate and make a profit off of other people, why can’t the people fight back and take their money back? The truth is the casinos have designed their business in a way where they will prosper in the long-run and they make more money the longer the gambler stays.

Once you are aware of their business strategies and tricks, you will have a much higher chance of winning against the house. Most player’s end up feeding their bank account to the casino because they are gambling improperly, or in another way, just how the casino wants them to. The uninformed gambler usually falls victim to the “gambler’s fallacy”. This fallacy means that the results of the present events do not influence the chance of the future events. In other words, you losing 10 times in a row does not change the chance of you winning or losing the next round.

Many gamblers are superstitious and believe in their luck to carry them through the casinos. That is where they will fall for the gambler’s fallacy and pour their wallet into the casino. Once you understand the casino is all about the numbers and probability, you’ll understand how some people are able to metaphorically rob a casino blind.

Gaining The Edge

Before we begin diving into the profit making content, we must warn you what it means to constantly beat the house. With your strategies you may find yourself in a position where you’ll be winning a profit slowly over time. When casinos pick up on your success, you can be sure that you are under some sort of surveillance. The casinos are concerned that you are either cheating or using another method to gain the advantage. Casinos term these types of players the “advantage players”.

Advantage players are not welcomed by casinos and are usually thrown out. Blatant cheating may result in a ban from the casino or even jail time. We won’t be teaching you how to cheat, but we will tell you the best way to keep your money on the table and possibly make more. You must be more discreet about your play-style as well and not make it obvious you may know the potential outcome.

If you are wondering how casinos actually catch cheaters, it actually isn’t too difficult. They have high quality cameras at almost every angle inside. The moment they catch a scent of an advantage, you’ll be monitored through cameras or a staff member lurking in the back.

Where The Money Is

The reason why casinos are able to stay in business despite huge payouts to winners are their machines. Most of the games they offer entice the players with big payouts and give them nothing in return in the end. These are the games you should avoid and never play as you can never change the outcome through skill. The games you should be playing are blackjack, craps, poker and baccarat.

Blackjack is a game where you can have a constant advantage over the house. If you decide to learn card counting, you’ll be able to win in the long-run as long as you have money to play. Card counting is only difficult depending on the person and can be mastered through practice. We advise you to really hone your skills before attempting to try it in a live casino. It’s very obvious when you take more than 10 seconds to make a decision combined with your intense focus. When it comes naturally to you is when you’ll have the most success.

Poker is also more of a skill based game as well. Casinos won’t be monitoring you as much because you are playing against other players. The only strategy we can offer for poker is to just practice online and with people you know until you are completely confident. Just avoid the tables that look like they have veteran poker players.


Your dealer’s salary is minimum wage and is entirely dependent on your tips. It’s basic casino etiquette, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t tip. Tipping your dealer also brings them to your side. If you have an extra person who is rooting for your next win, chances are you may win more likely.

Although dealers can’t legally cooperate with you and give you help, if some like you enough they will do so. They may give hints that you’ll have to be aware of and pickup on. It could be smiles or taps or any sort of innocent gesture. Just react accordingly to their gestures and you’ll have a better idea.

Dealers are also constantly under watch by the casino. Cameras are pointed at them to make sure that they don’t collude with the players. The cameras are also there to make sure the dealers don’t slip any chips into their pockets. Dealers always go through a pattern of showing their palm to the camera and the back of their hand and clapping before leaving the table. This is to show on the recordings that they have nothing in their hands and aren’t stealing anything.

In short, it’s always better to have more friends than enemies.


You must set a limit for how much you want to spend on your visit. If you feel the need to break your limit, know that you may be falling into the trap of the gambler’s fallacy. The money you take to the casino should be considered already spent. Any extra money to are able to leave with is a nice little gift for having a good time.

Some people who fall for the fallacy go to the extreme and end up becoming gambling addicts. Becoming aware of what the casino is and what they are trying to do will help you have a much more enjoyable experience. When we mean set your limits, not only do we mean by how much you lose, but how much you win as well. The gamblers fallacy still applies even though you’ve been winning. The chances of you winning the next game is the exact same as the previous rounds you have played.

Once you are able to come to terms with how much you are willing to leave with, casinos will have a difficult time turning you into their ATM.


Gambling is an enjoyable hobby and should be treated as such. If you believe you have a problem, please click here.