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Bride to be make-up essentials:


Your make-up doesn’t need to be heavier than usual for the photos. You just need the right techniques and the right products to look picture appropriate.

Foundation: – Primer is a must. The right primer will keep your make-up on longer, your face shine free and even diminish the appearance of fine lines and large pores. – Even if you don’t wear a foundation it’s a good idea to use a light weight one to even single your complexion, photos and videos tend to show every little thing. The Mineral Tint Foundation is light weight and feels like a second skin. – Don’t be tempted to apply a darker foundation to get a healthy glow it will look awful, opt for an all over false tan instead.

Concealer: – The Concealer Palette is a must!! for dark circles or blemishes apply after foundation or tinted moisturiser for the best results.

Powder: – In photos too much shine looks sweaty, even if you want a dewy look keep your t-zone mat. Competently sweep a little Universal Yellow Powder over your t-zone.

Eyes: – Waterproof mascara is a must!!! what ever the situation. – Curl your lashes. This will instantly open up yours eyes and make them appear larger. The Heated Eye Lash Curl works wonderfully on even the shortest/straightest lashes. – Apply an eye base like the Crystal Taupe Eye Shine to keep eye shadow looking best. – Eyes need definition so run Gel Liner in the shade you love along the base of the top lashes and half way along the base of the lower lashes.

Cheeks: – Try a cream or cream to powder blusher for a healthy flush of colour. Velvet Blush in Whisper or Sunset will do just that.

Cheeks: – Try a cream or cream to powder blusher for a healthy flush of colour. Velvet Blush in Whisper or Sunset will do just that. – For a long lasting effect try layering a cream and a powder blusher in the same colour. The Blush 4 All Seasons cream blush glides on no doubt and its novel formula means that when you sweep Zen or Rose Glow powder blush over the cream you will manage a stunning long lasting blush.

Lips: – apply a lip base initially to keep lipstick or gloss on longer and to help prevent feathering. Use the Natural Lip Pencil and any of the Lip Shines. Or fill lips in with the liner end of the Lip & Liner Duo then add colour from the jerky end of the duo for long lasting lushes lips.

Body: – Try a scented body lotion mixed with either the Shimmer Tint in Bronze or the Skin Illuminator in Champagne to give your body a stunning red carpet sheen.

Don’t buy anything online, make sure you check Ariane Poole’s excellent helpful tips advice on wedding make-up, and

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