Best Filipino Food – Must-Eat GRILLED MILKFISH in Manila, Philippines!


    For me, grilled bangus (milkfish) is one of the best Filipino foods!
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    Pochok Bangusan is a local carinderia in Quezon City that serves an amazing version of grilled bangus, which is grilled milkfish, and it happens to be one of my personal favorite things to eat in the Philippines. The local restaurant is family fun, and they have all the typical Filipino food dishes set up and pre-cooked at the front of the restaurant when you arrive. All the dishes you can point to and choose from are delicious, but the real magic of eating at Pochok Bangusan is their grilled milkfish. Milkfish is the national fish of the Philippines, and it’s something that you have to eat when you’re there.

    To make their grilled bangus (milkfish), they first flame grilled the fish, and I mean when he stuck it on the grill, it ignited into flames as the oiliness of the fish touched the hot coals. The fire was also fanned to keep it flaming hot throughout the grilled process. After grilling the fish on both sides, he then flipped it over on the skin side down, and topped it with a few heaping spoons of green tomato relish. The fish was creamy and sort of dry like a tuna, and the green tomato topping was sour and oniony. It was a perfect combination of ingredients.

    Along with the grilled milkfish, Ying and I also chose a number of other Filipino food dishes that were already prepared including chicken organs adobo (I would highly recommend it if you like organs like we do), menudo which was a little different than any other version of menudo I’ve had, bulalo which is a famous Filipino food of bone marrow soup, and another of the of my favorite Filipino dishes that I tried for the first time, which was a roasted eggplant topped in krill paste / shrimp paste, and topped with a handful of chopped green mango.

    The combination of all the foods we ordered, and especially the grilled milkfish, is was really made eating at Pochok Bangusan so memorable. Additionally, the family that runs the carinderia (local Filipino food restaurant / street food restaurant) were very friendly and you could tell that they enjoyed the food they were cooking and their customers.

    If you’re looking for wonderful Filipino local food in Manila (it’s actually in Quezon City, but in Metro Manila), Pochok Bangusan is a fantastic place to eat.

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    Pochok Bangusan
    Address: 739-C Don Roces Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
    Open hours: 7 am – 10 pm daily
    Prices: Our total bill for everything came to 735 PHP

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    1. I visited 3 times . But I cant eat this street food all half cooked , smelly . mostly cooked in animal fat oil.unhealthy coz its all are cooked in sauce. some food is tasty. shrimp paste in mango . ice cream in bread like burger wondering the tase

    2. hello mark,,,are you still here in the philippines ? im one of your big fan here in the philippines,,,i want to see you personally

    3. I haven't been to that place Bochok Bangusan… gotta go there. Thanks Mark. More power to you and your family.

    4. Try the eat all you can style (smorgasboard) Mark for sure you will enjoy. You need to eat all no left over. Enjoy and thanks for visiting our country. God bless.

    5. That eatery is near our place. Before, their eatery was located a few blocks away and was under a tree which makes a very good eating experience. Next time you come to the Philippines, visit Sinigang na Ulo-ulo ng Isda sa Veteran's, Original Pares in Retiro, Bulalo sa Mahogany Market in Tagaytay.