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TOOLS I USED TO LOSE 130LBS | Weight Loss Tools & Tips


Hey guys! Here is a list of basic tools I used to help me stay on track and motivated throughout my weight loss. I hope you guys find some use from this or get some ideas of your own!

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Basic Facts:
Height Weight: 304lbs
Current Weight: 174lbs
Height: 5’8″
Starting Size: 3XL/18-20
Current Size: S/M/8-10
Start Date: February 2016


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  1. I just made a video of my own tips, and now all these weightloss tip vids are popping up. Yours is among them and im happy i found ya! Hey from your new subbie 🙂

  2. If I feel that I might be hungry, I chug back a glass of water first because normally ppl confuse thirst with hunger hence why so many tend to always overeat

  3. Hello dear, i'm only 160lbs and 5'2 and my problem is I got all the fat in my lower area (legs-thighs) and you used to have the same problem.. so how did you get rid of that fat and get slimmer legs?

  4. I've just found your channel and I love it!
    I've gained over 40 kilos in the last 8 years, so I started taking care of myself since a couple of months, so I your tips will be super useful!

  5. I especially agree with the goal clothes. I bought my girlfriend a Burberry dress a year ago … 2 sizes smaller. After the brutal scene, she committed and actually made an effort to lose the sizes. She still wears it on special days.

  6. OMG that toothpaste tip is so funny! I was literally just thinking about doing that! Love your
    vids! 20 lbs down:)

  7. Another trick: if you love the feel of carbonated drinks, get carbonated water! Now at the supermarket there are affordable options that are sugared with stevia and using natural flavors! For example, 1$(cad) for 1L of carbonated water with peach and lime natural flavoring.

  8. I made a list of all of these! I'm planning on losing around 200lbs eeek! Subbed because you seem so sweet, and I would probably love watching more videos from you! Great video <3 (P.S I have been using the toothpaste idea for a while now! I agree it really helps with stopping night eating)

  9. Great video and awesome advice! You talked about keeping a food journal. I love the idea of keeping one where I can actually write down the foods I'm eating. I tried to use apps, but I found that I wasn't tracking everything because I didn't like having to type in every single ingredient. For your journal, do you write down your portion sizes or just the basic description of the meal you had? Thanks!

  10. I love your energy! You are so positive and articulate. This is a great video. Congratulations on your weight loss accomplishment- you look absolutely beautiful!

  11. Such a inspiration. I've lost 100lbs so far and still have 134lbs more to meet my goal. How did you get inspired to make videos?

  12. Yes A good BPA FREE bottle is VERY IMPORTANT. Who needs subtle damage to endocrine while trying to get healthier?? Right?