Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr. Baby Back Rib Burger – Food Review


    Today on this sunny (and hot!) afternoon, I review the new Baby Back Rib Burger from Hardees. I wear a 1980s Ralph Lauren “Polo University Club” suit, a white dress shirt and a black and red dotted tie, likely from the 80s or 90s;

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    Online Publication: Brandeating

    Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Unveil New Baby Back Rib-Topped Burger

    look to become the first fast food chain to serve up boneless baby back ribs on a burger with the upcoming release of the new Baby Back Rib Burger.

    The Baby Back Rib Burger features charbroiled de-boned baby back ribs covered in Cattleman’s Original BBQ Sauce sitting, along with crispy onion strings and pickles, on top of a charbroiled beef patty and stacked between two halves of a brioche-style bun.

    The boneless ribs come sourced from Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs, an Ohio-based barbecue restaurant and online store that garnered national attention when it appeared on a 2013 episode of Shark Tank (as well as investment by one of the “Sharks”).

    The new burger arrives at participating locations nationwide starting April 27, 2017.

    The suggested price for a single patty Baby Back Rib Burger is .59, a double patty goes for .79, and a 1/3 lb. Black Angus beef Thickburger version will run you .79 (may vary). You can also order it with fries and a drink starting at .19.
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    1. Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      I swear to God every time I watch one of your reviews I have to go to the kitchen and get something to eat

    2. I would never put some pens in my shirt even for the sake of aesthetics.
      Have you ever seen what happens during the painting scene in the Mr Bean movie?

    3. nice looking sandwich, i am somewhat envious of american fast food. i love the new(ish) suit and love the way you handled the technical difficulty. reviewbrah you are so professional and its that professionalism that keeps me coming back.

    4. …I guessed you would give it a 7.65, so I was pretty close. Guessing what you will rate something has become my fav part of these reviews.

    5. reviewbrah,

      I always get so excited when theres a new video.
      You're doing amazing!
      Love you!
      – Your #1 Fan from Ohio, Lulu

    6. This dude drives 140 miles round trip to go to Hardee's? That would be better spent going to a nice strip club and getting some ass for once for him.

    7. Hey reviewbrah you should review the Starbucks Unicorn frappuccino. Some people hate it and others love it. I want your take on it.