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  1. First thing you need to be ready. If you aren't don't waste your time. I know all these people are saying just eat less or better yada yada yada. unless you've had a weight problem or eating problem you just wont get it. Im 33 been overweight since i was a child. well after i was injured during child birth from an epidural and needed back surgery. well weighing in at 435lbs no dr would operate. so i started eating better and the process of gastric sleeve surgery. i lost 70lbs on my own and im 6 weeks out and down another 30 so 100 total. Started the gym today and can't wait to drop this weight and get my back fixed. she will lose weight but on her own terms. Peoples criticism isn't helping. YOU CAN DO THIS AMBERLYNN!!

  2. You people are actually giving her likes and money for throwing her life away, if these videos are made here and there and it's her career, and she loses money maybe that will get to her, what type of content are you even liking?? Don't be passive

  3. I started my weight loss "journey" at 600lbs (Yes, I'm embarrassed and ashamed to admit that…) but, I'd love to motivate eachother and go on this journey with you. Right now I am 385… (Still embarrassing). Let me know if you are interested, I'd even be willing to make videos of what I eat and the whole shebang!

  4. just dont keep junk food in the house; that way when your cravings start you wont reach for something fattening. try to eat like 2000cals a day. i eat around 1500 as im trying to lose weight but i dont think you could deal with that much.

  5. Amberlynn, I am happy to hear you're going to try again. Your plan sounds good. You can do it, the thing is, will you choose to. I pray for you, that you will. I am on a weight loss journey too. I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, my life, an he not only saved my soul from hell. He has healed me inside. My brokenness. I pray you come to know him as well. God wants you to know, that He loves you. You're not you're weight, you're not what anyone says about you. You're not your past mistakes, you're Amberlynn, made beautiful, an wonderful by God. He loves you. I will be here cheering you on, an keeping you in my prayers. God bless you.

  6. I just posted a video. I lost 60lbs in about 5 months but moved and gained it all back. We have a ton of things in comment. I would love to become friends and help each other through our journey. Don't listen to the negative people. you're trying to better yourself as am I.

  7. I can see why you like soft drink. Most people are addicted to the "bubbles" get soda water and add fruit for flavour and to infuse it. Diet drinks are bad they contain aspartame. Eat clean and eat green. Limit your carb and sugar intake. You should have less than 5g of sugar per 100g and less than 10g of carbs per 100. Counting calories won't work

  8. Hey girl. If you admit your videos are boring why don't you out more effort into editing and creating quality entertaining content if this is your full time job?

  9. Amberlynn, wish you all the best. Be strong and do what you feel is best for you. You owe no one any explanations or apologies. Blessings and prayers.

  10. you need to go on the "600 pound life" show. You qualify and the doctor will help you cause it looks like you're not helping yourself.

  11. So you go to Target and Walmart daily but you still haven't bought batteries? Amberlynn gurrrrlll what you dooooooin

  12. I genuinely hope she finds her way and stops making excuses. At this point, you are fighting for your life. You will die in a few years. Its not a mean opinion, it's a fact. I hope you one day stop living in denial and I really hope you find a way to get healthier, especially for the sake of your furbabies.